Pontoon Boat Central is dedicated to informing new and experience boaters alike to different aspects of the world of pontoon boats.

In the early stages, this website will mainly focus on "Party Barge" pontoon boats - the physically larger type of pontoon boats, capable of being used for entertaining groups of 4-12 people.

Party Barge Furniture

For a clickable list of party barge furniture companies use this search box:

As this website matures, you will be seeing articles of interest with respect to the smaller fishing pontoon boats - smaller, more agile boats for one or two fisherman to use (small enough you can sometimes just put them one the back of the truck, and not need a trailer).

You'll find pages that speak about different aspects of pontoon boating, from physical characteristics of boats, to accessories for pontoon boats, to boating safety tips for boaters. Plus we'll have links to pontoon boating supplies so that you're only a click away from new furnishings or accessories you're seeking, and you don't have to look elsewhere through hit-or-miss search engine searches.

Please take your time and thoroughly enjoy Pontoon Boat Central. Please send us comments about what you'd like to see - if something's missing. Feel free to also send us feedback on what how this website has been helpful and enjoyable to you.

Our goal is to provide you with quick access to everything of interest to pontoon boat owners and shoppers.